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Understand what you spend money on

Knowing where your money goes is a cornerstone of financial literacy. helps you in a simple, private, and beautiful way keep track of your transactions, and analyze them based on a powerful tagging system.

No need to connect your bank account

We don't like giving access to our bank accounts to third parties ourselves. That's why we designed around security and privacy. All transactions you enter to are either put in manually, or parsed from forwarded email receipts.

Invite team or family members

Do you have a team or family member you would like to add to your account? Worry no more, you can invite them to and keep track of their transactions as well.

How it works?

Input transactions

Set recurring payments, enter transactions manually, select popular subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify, or forward and parse your existing email receipts.

Tag transactions

Set a tag for each individual transaction and use tags for tracking specific spending habits and grouping transactions.

Analyze spending

Always have overview of how much your are spending for specific services. With its unique tagging system, gives you unique insights into your daily spending habits.


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Understand your spending

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Your data is AES-256 encrypted both at rest and in flight. Your payment information is processed through Stripe and never touches our servers. All of our traffic is SSL encrypted.


We don't sell, share or give access to your data to anyone. We only ask you for the absolute minimum information needed for the app to function smoothly.